September 30, 2017 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Historic Smithville, NJ

Artisan Vendors

Grandma Cookies Company

An Italian, orange-flavored soft Cookie.

Home-made from a four-generation

100 year-old family recipe.

Ideal with coffee, tea or milk

Marsha Hummel

Wood, Fabric & Seasonal Items

Priya Patel

Reiki Jewelry

Earl & Colette Bunting

Affordable Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry, Glass, Gemstone,

Crystal made into Bracelets,

Ankle Bracelets, Ear Rings and 

Set of Bracelets & Ear Rings.

Greg & Maureen Zane

David Cole

Solar Garden Lights, NFL Pillows, Soy Candles

Sea Glass, Mother of Pearl & Abalone Jewelry

Love Lori Savoth

Hand Crochet Princess Tiaras, Hats, Scarves, Hair Accessories.

Lori Savoth

Valerie Benvenuto



Soaps, Body Butter,

Face Masks, etc.